Redwood Class - Year 6

A warm welcome to the parents/carers and children of Redwood Class. I consider myself very lucky to be teaching your child/ren this year after a very successful Shuffle Up Day back in July. Here are a few things I would like to bring to your attention this term:

Redwood class week

As well as all of the exciting things happening in the classroom this term we also have: Monday and Friday afternoons ­ PE ­ kit needed.

Thursday afternoon ­ French with Madam Collier.


Homework will be set on Monday to be handed in on Friday. Each week the children will get a selection of activities from maths, grammar, writing, reading and spelling.

Accelerated Reader

I am very excited to be leading the Accelerated Reader (AR) scheme at school. The children have been assessed and have brought home a book at their reading comprehension level.  Please do not worry if it seems too easy for them as we are focussing more on their comprehension/understanding of the book. The SATS reading paper tests not only their ability to read but their ability to understand the text.  We are focussing our attention on this at an early stage so any problems can be addressed. To help, when your child is reading at home, ask them questions about what's happening and why, how the character might be feeling, how can they tell? If you wish, note down your observations in their reading record. Please feel free to pop in after school if you have any concerns and I will be more than happy to explain how the scheme works.


I have started to informally assess the children in maths, grammar, spelling and writing and will be working with the TA’s to ensure that the intervention/challenge both in and out of the classroom is appropriate. For this to work, the children may go out in the morning/afternoon with a TA and practise the aspects of the curriculum they are finding more difficult and may include: phonics (to help with spelling); fine motor control activities (to help with handwriting) and basic maths skills.

Finally, I would like to say that the children have settled in very well and I am already very impressed by their behaviour, attitude and excitement of being in Year 6!

Autumn Term

We started by looking at the classification of plants and insects which we collected from around the school.  We then looked at what he had collected and thought of various ways of categorising them.

To understand how Darwin discovered his Theory of Evolution and Adaptation we completed an investigation about his findings on Galapagos.  He discovered that there were a variety of finches in the different islands that had different shapes of beak depending on the food available.   In our investigation we had a variety of implements to represent the beaks and a variety of seeds to represent food.  Darwin found that the finches beaks adapted to the food available. 

In our English lessons, we have focused on a short clip from the film Avatar and written non-chronological reports about our own hexapod (six-limbed creature).  

In art, we sketched one of Darwin's beetles and used it as part of the title page. 

One afternoon we wrote diary entries as if we were Darwin arriving on the Galapagos Islands.  We thought about our 5 senses and used this to help us write some great diaries.  We are looking forward to writing letters from Galapagos next term.