Willow Class - Year 3 


Welcome to Willow Class

 In Willow Class our topic is Scrumdiddlyumptious and we have been creating and cooking a variety of yummy creations. Inspired by our class book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we have created our very own chocolates. As part of this process we completed some product research where we tasted a variety of delicious ingredients to decide which ones would be suitable for our chocolates. After designing and making our chocolates we wrote a set of instructions and I’m sure Willow Class won’t mind sharing their instructions with you. There are some very yummy chocolates!

Some of us have been researching different types of bread and we continued our cooking theme outside in our outdoor learning sessions with Colin where we made and cooked bread over the fire. Next week we are going to cook some more bread but using a variety of ingredients to bake our own flavoured bread. Be sure to ask Willow Class about their bread creations!

Life as a sailor!


We have been learning about James Lind and his experiment to find a cure for scurvy. Scurvy was a popular disease which affected sailors. This got us thinking about what life was like as a sailor. So, to explore this we went outside and squashed into the dove, 'upper deck', just like sailors would have been on a ship. We discussed what the conditions were like at sea and what dangers sailors faced. We also tasted, maybe not so scrumdiddlyumptious, stale biscuits which sailors would have eaten. We also discussed what entertainment would be available. The horn pipe dance was a popular dance because a partner isn't required and is suitable for small spaces. Sea shanties were sung to help sailors keep in time when working. Have a look at us practising the horn pipe dance and singing a sea shanty.