Cherry Class- Year 4 

During Science Week we made Drawbots! First we made circuits then we attached them to recycled coffee cups. It took a lot of creativity, scientific thinking and perseverance! 

This term our topic is Blue Abyss!

So far we have had the parents join us to share our under the sea work ranging from shape poems to paper mache sea creatures to perspective art work of an aquarium!   The children sung and taught the parents makaton for Yellow Submarine.  When we were done singing, we then looked at some not so pleasant images from the ocean. After looking at the images and reading a blog from Eco Girl, we had discussions on how environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things. The children were full of questions they wanted to know the answers to....ready to kick off our new learning on pollution in our oceans.


Cherry Class trip to Weston

As we walked through SeaQuarium we were greeted by lots of fantastic fish! We saw stingrays dancing like ballerinas, lion headed fish that looked like flowers and a very smiley puffer fish! Next to the fish was a ginormous turtle made of recycled plastic, which got us excited about our pollution presentation. We learnt about how factories and global warming contributes to the pollution in our oceans and we even met a muscle and a crab whose shells had been affected by acidity in the sea. We asked ourselves what can we do? Well we can reduce the amount of plastic we use, recycle and reuse as often as we can and spread all our knowledge to others! After enjoying some ice creams, we headed to the beach for a clean-up. In pairs we used litter pickers to collect any rubbish. The majority of what we found was plastic, from food wrappers to straws and pen lids! We know that micro plastics are particularly dangerous as these can be swallowed by the animals more easily, so we were keen to find the smaller plastics amongst the sand. On our journey home we thought about our trip and how it can help us as we learn more about how humans can impact the environment.