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Welcome to our class page where you will be able to take a look at what we get up to in School. 

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We have some budding mathematicians in Conker class- the children have been challenged to represent numbers in as many different ways that they can think of. We have had some very creative ideas including drawing round their hands and drawing elephants. Take a look at some super maths. 

Current Topic...

Conkers have been 'beary' busy learning about different types of bears and their habitats. We have learnt that bears hibernate for a long time and like to make cosy places to sleep in. We were challenged to build our own bear cave using junk modelling, the one rule was our bear puppet had to fit inside. Luckily for us we were joined by our grown ups who came in for the afternoon to help us. We greeted them in our bear masks that we have been busy making. We set to designing our caves, thinking about what resources were available and how we were going to use them, we then started building them. 

Our Bear puppets are so lucky- they now have wonderful caves to hibernate in! Thank you to our grown ups for coming to help us. 

In Conker Class we are STORY TELLERS, listen to us telling you the story of The Three Little Pigs...

This week in Conker Class we have had a real focus on numbers. We have been finding them on hunts, ordering them and writing them. Outside we made ‘counting collections’ where Miss Saunders asked us to find a certain amount of objects- she even tricked us by asking us to find zero items. We have also used our outdoor area lots- this gave us a chance to complete some ‘friendship challenges’ such as build a puzzle with a friend and make a big sandcastle.  On Friday we read the book ‘Enemy Pie’ we spoke about what an enemy is and how we can turn enemies into friends. We then had a go at making our own enemy pies with a mixture of ingredients including …

Mud, leaves and sticks- Yuck!

We have had a super busy week in Conker Class! We started the week by helping make a whole school collage and going on our school adventure where we had to find all the different adults who can help us and ask them questions-it’s surprising how many adults were wearing stripy socks! We began our phonics lessons and have learnt to recognise and write the sound ‘s’, we are also working hard to write our names. In maths we found out what a repeating pattern is and have had a go at making our own in many ways. On Thursday we took a trip to the Book Nook where we read The Smartest Giant in Town and when we arrived back to class the kind Giant had left us a box of his clothes to dress up in and act out the story. To round off our week we had a visit from a Tortoise named Shelby, we learnt how to take care of him and even got to feed him.

First Weeks of School

The children in Conker Class have completed their first two weeks of school and what a busy time it has been! We have had lots of fun making collages of our names, learning new songs, going on a ‘BFG listening walk’ and meeting new friends. We were lucky enough to have our parents/carers share our first lunch in school with us on Monday and have since been learning to be independent at lunch time- which we are all amazing at! We have rounded off our first two weeks with a picnic as our snack, which the children helped prepare. It has been a brilliant start to school and in the words of Conker Class we are ‘excited for our School adventure’.

Term 1 and 2 Topic