Redwood Class - Year 6

Spring Term 2

A warm welcome back; I hope you had a lovely break. 

Here are a few things I would like to bring to your attention this term:

Redwood class week

As well as all of the exciting things happening in the classroom this term we also have:

Monday and Wednesday PE ­(kit needed).  This term we are joined by coaches from Bath Rugby Club on Monday afternoons so please ensure the children have their PE kit at school.  Wednesday will continue to be swimming for those who cannot swim 25m and Archery for those not swimming.

Thursday afternoon ­is French with Madam Collier.  Friday morning Maths with Mr Paul.


Revision will continue throughout the term.  Please pop in if you have any queries.

So far this term...

What an exciting start to the term, here are some of the highlights.

On Monday 8th January we took years 5 and 6 to the Young Voices concert where the children sang in a choir of 6,500 children.


In our DT and Science lessons we have been designing, building and testing a vehicle to be used in the polar regions.  The children have been set a challenge to rescue a group of tourists stranded on an island in the Antarctic.  They have so far built the prototype chassis and created a simple circuit to make it travel forwards and backwards.  The next step is to trial their vehicle and see if it can travel up a 45 degree incline.  We will then design the top in order to rescue the tourists.

Here they are making the chassis from wood, glue and card.

The next lesson we made the circuit from wires, batteries, motor and a switch.  The test was to see if they could make the chassis go backwards and forwards.  This term we will be adding gears to make it go up hill.

We shared our designs and vehicles during our Parent Workshop at the end of term and the parents loved it!