Internet Safety Day 2018


This years internet safety day was themed around

‘Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you’ 

Each class spent time exploring how we can stay safe when using the internet. Our parent/carers were then invited in for an assembly in which we shared what we had learnt. 


Year 5 and 6 looked at the different social media platforms and worked out data- finding out that YouTube was a favourite of everyone’s - a reminder that children under 13  should not be on YouTube unsupervised. 

Year 4 thought about the illusion of being online and how everything may not be as it seems. They taught us about how to keep our personal data safe. 

Year 3 created an acrostic poem which explored different online platforms including gaming, each letter was a safety message. 

Year 2 made posters and gave us their top 5 safety tips. 

Reception and year one learnt a story about Smartie the penguin who got a tablet for his birthday- Chestnut told us the story and solved problems that may arise such as adverts and people being unkind on line. Reception taught us all a song to remind us that we need to ‘stop and ask a grown up’