Science Week- 13.03.2017 - 17.03.2017

Class teachers and special guests led science workshops where children put their scientific knowledge into practise. There was a wide range of experiments including; spaghetti towers, world of particles, rocket launching and parachute designing. 

World Book Day- 01.03.2017

To celebrate World Book Day the Teachers chose their favourite book and read to each class. After reading there were fun activities to do with the story, these activities including role play, designing book covers and painting. Parents were invited in throughout the day to share stories and read with their children. 

Hat Day 10.02.2017 

To help raise money for an important children's charity called 'Barnardo's' the children of Trinity designed hats with the theme of what they wanted to be when they are older. Their creativity was mesmerising! At the end of the day we had a hat parade, where children showed off their designs to the whole school. 

'Hat Day will show each and every child who takes part that we all have a future to get excited about'