Links For Children

Please find below a list of websites to support children in their learning.


Conker Class - Year R

ICT games - Number bonds to 10

ICT games coins - Coin recognition and adding money


Chestnut Class - Year  1

ICT games - Number bonds to 10

ICT games - Odd and even numbers

ICT games - Hooray 100 words bingo


Cedar Class - Year 2

Funbrain - Lots of games for reading and numeracy

National Geographic - Lots of fun facts about the environment and animals


Willow Class - Year 3 

Primary Games - Fun Maths games  


Cherry Class - Year 4

Primary Games- Fun Maths games  


Maple Class - Year 5

Countdown - Numeracy and spelling challenges

Prefixes - Learn the meaning of prefixes

Angles - Using a protractor


Redwood Class - Year 6

Maths Booster

Maths Whack 'Em Booster - Year 6 Maths Booster

Power Lines 1 - Can you solve the maths problems to move to the next level?

Power Lines 2 - Can you solve the maths problems to move onto level 3? 
Numeracy Websites

My Maths - Children can work through all areas of Numeracy, playing games and solving problems.

nRich Maths - A variety of investigations for all ages.

3D Boxes – Guess how many cubes make a 3D shape 

Primary Games – Simple maths games, which are fun and help children practise maths

BBC Bitesize KS2 - Numeracy revision for KS2 Children 

Literacy Wesbites

Harry Potter Fan Club – an interesting site for all you Harry Potter Fans!

BBC Bitesize KS2 - Literacy revision for KS2 children  

Science Websites

The National Space and Air Museum – Info about flight, airplanes and space travel

Other Website Links

CBBC Newsround
Horible Histories
The Blue Peter Website - All the fun of the TV programme and lots more!