Hello Gracewell

Hello everyone at Gracewell.

We love visiting you and are missing you all terribly during the lockdown. We have decided to share some of our learning with you. We hope to be able to come and visit again soon.

Hello again from Cherry Class

Take a look at our Performance Poetry.

Hello from Maple Class

The children in Maple Class have been working hard to analyse, plan and then perform a classic poem. After picking a poem, the children identified features, themes and imagery. Next, they used a storyboard to plan before finally making and performing their poem using puppets.

We hope you enjoy them!

'The Arrow and the Song' by Molly
'How Doth the Little Crocodile' by Seb
'The Kraken' by Hayden
'The Arrow and the Song' by Kai
'An Emerald is as Green as Grass' by Evie
'A Poison Tree' by Esme
'The Arrow and the Song' by Chloe
'How Doth the Little Crocodile' by Daniel B
'An Emerald is as Green as Grass' by Elsie
'The Arrow and the Song' by Bear
'Time to Rise' by Bella
'The Arrow and the Song' by Archie

’Happy Half Term’ from Willow Class!

To end the term,  Willow Class have practised, performed and created a collective performance of the song 'The Bare Necessities' celebrating the simple things in life such as a local walk, gardening and baking.  The class were able to showcase all of their musical talent and I think you will agree that their personalities come shining through.

Hello From Redwood Class

Redwood Class spent two weeks visiting the residents of Gracewell back in February. They were studying WWII and how the lives of children were greatly affected. The children interviewed the residents about their experiences of being a child. We found out that one resident's father built their air-raid shelter and another was a nurse.

To thank them, we have put together a selection of videos and pictures to cheer them up.

VE Day Remembered - Wartime Songs

Lauren, Willow and Dylan have recorded themselves singing some wartime songs:

'It's a Long Way to Tipperary' sung by Lauren
'We'll Meet Again' sung by Willow
A Medley, sung by Dylan

Take a look at our videos

Aidan plays for you
Amy-Jade's Majorette Dance
'Magic Biscuits' by Kane
'An Unexpected Adventure' by Layla
'It Must Be Magic' by Theo
'Shadow in the Fog' by Dylan
'Unlikely Friends' by Amy-Jade
'Explorers' by Aimee S
'The House in the Rainforest' by Daisy
'The Mirror in the Attic' by Amiee L
'Watchwood Forest' by Lauren
'Creature from the Deep' by Effie

Hello from Willow Class

This children of Willow Class were challenged to perform, or write and perform a poem, tongue twister or song to entertain our friends at Gracewell.

They have responded by performing an incredible variety of poems and tongue twisters, some written by themselves and others old favourites that we are sure you will recognise, such as 'The Walrus and the Carpenter' from Alice in Wonderland and 'The Doggy Ate my Homework'.  There is something to suit every taste and we hope that these performances bring a smile to your faces.  

Willow Class would like to say a big hello to all their friends at Gracewell. 

We hope you enjoy our performances!

Our Poems and Tongue Twisters

The Worm that Wouldn't Wiggle
The Spaceship Race
Poppy had a Petal
The Australian Tropical Dream Island
All My Favourite Celebrations
The Doggy Ate My Homework
Tiffy Taffy by Michael Rosen
My Doggy Ate My Homework
The Walrus and the Carpenter
Fun Days

Hello from Cherry Class

We have made a range of different videos to share with you. We hope they brighten up your day!


Join in with Our Singing

I Like the Flowers
Tower of Strength
Mafu Zulu