Welcome to Cherry Class

Cherry Class is filled with 28 enthusiastic, aspirational and hard-working year 4 children, alongside our teacher Miss Treasure and our brilliant teaching assistant Mrs Meredith.


Learning in Cherry Class is stimulating, collaborative and inclusive of all children’s learning needs and requirements. Our main aim is to encourage each other and build each other up to achieve our own individual full potential. We respect our school’s Golden Rules and we aim to be good role models for each other and our younger peers.


At the end of each day in Cherry Class, we do our ‘Ray of Sunshine’, where 3 children get to choose 3 of their peers to go on our sunshine for being a good role-model, displaying one of our six core school values of Respect, Trust, Courage, Compassion, Friendship or Creativity. These children then get to enjoy the comfort of sitting on a cushion the following day.


As well as house points, in year 4, Miss Treasure also gives us marbles for displaying extra ‘superstar’ behaviour and if we fill our marble jar by the end of the term, we get to enjoy a whole-class treat like using the Chromebooks or watching a movie. 


Each new term in Cherry Class brings a new and engaging topic to learn about. During Term 1, we will be learning all about Antarctica and Sir Ernest Shackleton. As well as engaging in lots of exciting learning opportunities in the classroom, we also plan to go on school trips to further enrich our knowledge and understanding of our topics.