SEN and Inclusion

We strive to support all the children in our care, to help them achieve their full potential. As an inclusive school, we recognise all children are different and the importance of celebrating those differences!

Sometimes, individual children may need an adjustment to the curriculum or a different approach to help meet their learning needs. We provide this through high quality teaching and differentiated work or resources as part of the child’s daily classroom experience. For those who have an additional need, we establish individualised programmes of work, to support learning at an appropriate level and pace, in consultation with parents, any professionals involved and the child.

Children with recognised Special Educational Needs will have an Individual Education Plan, including achievable targets and support strategies. In line with the current Code of Practice, this follows a graduated approach to needs and is reviewed termly. Additional intervention is provided as required, from the class teacher, teaching assistant, SENCo (Mr Bardzil - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) or outside professional agencies where involved. Specialist external teachers may work with an individual or small group to support work already going on in the school. We welcome the involvement of a range of outside agencies in helping us to help your child along their learning journey.

Special Educational Needs group-work includes reading and phonic intervention, speech and language, social skills and nurture support groups. Each class has a teaching assistant and the SENCo and Headteacher are also involved in supporting children with additional needs.

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(A 'Local Offer' is information about what support services are available in the local area for children and young people with SEND)


Supporting Children’s Mental Health

You can access different resources to support your child's mental health here.